Bangor: (207) 941-0068 Brewer: (207) 989-4334

History of Jason’s NY Pizza

Growing up in Pennsylvania, Marty and Donna were always surrounded by great local New York style pizza. These pizzerias were owned by Italians who had a great product and used some of the best ingredients available. In fact, Donna worked at one of these pizza shops when she and Marty began dating in 1984. Ever since then, the family has had a love of the big NY foldable slices of pizza.

After many family fishing vacations to Maine in the ’70s and ’80s, Marty and Donna decided to move here to start a family, and in June of 1997 the first Jason’s Pizza was opened in Bangor. They believe that there is nothing like a perfect slice of NY style pizza that’s crust is the perfect combination between crispy and chewy.

In May of 2000, Marty and Donna opened their second storefront in Brewer to serve more of the greater Bangor area and offer a wider delivery area.